Helper Monkey? Isn’t a helper monkey supposed to help the disabled perform ordinary tasks? What does that have to do with beer? When it comes to beer, the world is disabled. Almost 50% of worldwide beer consumption consists of mass market American style yellow fizzy water produced by just four companies. Until medical science can cure us of this disability, we at Helper Monkey Brews want to help the world out. This starts at the homebrew level. Homebrewers started almost every american craft brewery, and homebrewers continue to push the idea of what beer is. Professional brewers are paying attention to things like homebrew competitions, to articles in homebrew magazines, to homebrew forums, and maybe even blogs like mine. Even if you brew by yourself, and never talk about it to anybody, you are influencing the industry by buying different homebrew products, influencing what maltsters and yeast labs produce. By talking about my experience I hope to get other people interested in homebrewing. Since I can’t homebrew every day, this blog will fill also talk about commercial brews I try, and something I believe baffles many people, pairing beer with food.

Helper Monkey Scott Kuyken is a Cicerone certified Beer Server who is studying for the Beer Judge Certification Program test. He has been homebrewing beer since the second half of 2011 and is continuing this strange journey. He likes rigging up homebrewing gadgets and currently has equipment dreams bigger than his budget.

Helper Monkey Amy came to like beer through Scott’s nonstop talk of Beer. Her brain basically had no defence against the brute force word attack on her ears. She still gets asked the question “Do you like beer” to which instead of responding yes or no like most people, says “depends on the type” and then has to explain what she means.

Email: helpermonkeybrews@gmail.com
Twitter: @HWBrews

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