Founders Breakfast Stout for Breakfast?

What other time are you suppose to drink a Breakfast Stout?

It’s made with two different kinds of coffee, and there is a distinct coffee flavor.  It is very smooth, and tastes a lot like this particular Nicaraguan coffee that I enjoy (if you threw in a little chocolate and Irish cream). It is bitter, it is smooth, and it is massive in both body and alcohol. It certainly made my subsequent trip to Target a bit more interesting. I bet it would go great with a bowl of oatmeal.  I had no oatmeal, I instead had delicious doughnuts.

The first doughnut was sweet and intensely chocolate. It probably was a little too sweet to pair with the beer. I did think it improved the doughnut by cutting through the cloying sweetness. Fruit Loops covered the other doughnut. It tasted much better. Maybe that picture on the label is trying to tell you something. The fruit loop doughnut was a better balanced doughnut in general, and I enjoyed it a lot more. There is a reason you drink coffee with donuts, this is just a modern interpretation.


Beer is Healthy

Beer is healthy. That’s right, I said it. Are you telling me that it isn’t good for you? That it will make you fat? Oh, sure pounding back 6 beers a night probably will kill you in a matter of decades, and  if you are drunk all the time, every day events become a game of Russian Roulette. And sure, drinking liquid calories is a really easy way to increase weight if not careful, but I did not say being an alcoholic was healthy, I said beer is healthy.

Recently I have decided to eliminate as many processed food as possible. When I say processed food, I mean “complete” meals that come in boxes, or have ingredients that you can’t pronounce. I don’t mean things like cheese, tofu, or especially beer which also could be considered processed, but in an older fashion. It’s not that I’m a Luddite and hate modern things. I believe that one day science will understand nutrition so completely that eating will be a separate activity than giving  your body nutrients, largely in the same way sex is now separate from having babies. The problem is that it seems clear that modern processed food isn’t healthy. Eating  it seems to lead to increased rates of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

On the basic level, beer has natural ingredients and is made by a natural process. It’s not as easy to make a wine, which can simply make itself if you have enough weight on the grapes to crush the juice out, and let the natural yeast on the skin do its job. Nevertheless, the processes involved could all be reproduced in nature.

Beer is also made from whole ingredients. You have the wonderful benefits of whole barley, and on occasion, whole wheat, rye and oats. It is much healthier for you than bread made from highly refined flours. Now of course its more like a tea made from the grains than the grains themselves so there is some nutrient left, but of course you can use spent grains in all sorts of food. You’d also be surprised how hard it is to find bread that has strange and unpronounceable ingredients. Maybe one of you knows the reason, but I don’t understand the purpose of the monogycerides and triticales, in addition to the ubiquitous corn and soy in the The Brownberry 12 grain bread. A twelve grain bread should  have flour, water, yeast, salt and 12 different whole grains.

In addition to my opinions on the healthiness of natural food, studies do seem to show that alcohol is heart healthy. Up to 5 drinks a day could be good for your heart. Although, if you do drink that much you are risking increased chances of cancer and accidents. So drink no more than 2 glasses of beer if male and 1 glass if female and live forever.