Buttermilk Pancakes, Homemade Maple Frosting, & Pipeline Porter

Once upon a time I suggested that a good idea would be to open a Breakfast Brewpub, since the adult drink options at most breakfast places, if they exist at all, kind of suck. Yesterday the fiancé and I decided to make some pancakes. These are pancakes made from scratch, and in my honest opinion, they are better than any restaurant pancakes that I have ever had. I keep a stockpile of the dry ingredients pre-mixed in case I have the sudden urge for pancakes.

This time it was taken up a notch because, instead of maple syrup, we covered them with homemade maple frosting, made with real maple syrup (healthier than that maple flavored corn syrup stuff of course). To go with it I had a nice glass of Aloha Brewery Pipeline Porter, brewed with Kona Coffee. Very appropriate for  breakfast. Simply one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had, and will be the first thing to go on the menu of my Breakfast Brewpub. I think it’s good enough for second breakfast as well.

Like the retro mixer?

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