Beer is Healthy Part 3

I know I keep bringing this up. I’m sorry. It just seems people keep coming up with healthy reasons for drinking beer. I don’t particularly think you need healthy reasons to drink beer. It is delicious, and compliments a variety of foods. The health benefits just give me a greater pieces of mind, especially since the rest of my eating is pretty healthy.

I actually found an entire website about Beer and Health. It looks like an actual symposium about the health attributes of beer.  Some of the things they talk about are pretty basic, such as how alcohol helps the cardiovascular system, delays the onset of dementia, and the beer belly probably has a lot more to do with the things you eat along with the beer than the drinking of the beer itself. One interesting thing they brought up is that beer contains high levels of well absorbed silicone which helps bone health.

One real surprise that I found very interesting is their research of beer and exercise. I have heard many times (sometimes just joking) that beer is good for exercise recovery. Meaning, eating and drinking something within about half an hour of exercise when your body is most receptive to refilling glycogen levels. I have also heard that alcohol dehydrates you, and therefore wouldn’t be a particularly good form of hydration. This site claims “Research into whether alcohol content prevented adequate recovery and/or rehydration found that neither a specific nor a negative effect could be attributed to the intake of beer compared to the intake of just water. In conclusion, at least in healthy, young adults, beer in moderate amounts is as effective as water for rehydration and recovery after exercise.” That is very exciting to me.


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