Beer is Healthy Part 2

If the heart healthy benefits of alcohol, or the whole grainy goodness of the ingredients weren’t a good enough reason to take up beer drinking, don’t worry, I’m not done with the health benefits yet. I was reading Runners World Magazine the other day and it looks like drinking beer prevents colds. They did a study on people who were going to run a Marathon. I know from personal experience that training for a marathon puts a huge toll on your body, and people who are training are more likely to get colds because of the stress you are putting on your system. The study had half the runners drink a beer a day for 3 weeks before the Marathon and for 2 weeks after the marathon. The beer drinks had less respiratory tract infections and more T Cells. They used non alcohol beer, so we know that the benefits didn’t come from the alcohol like with heart disease. Meaning, it was a benefit you can’t get from other alcoholic beverages. So drink your beer, eat your barley, and live a long healthy life.


3 thoughts on “Beer is Healthy Part 2

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