The Verdict on Kuyken’s Coffee Stout

It’s been a few weeks since I bottled Kuyken’s Coffee stout and I still haven’t shared anything about it. I cannot let this oversight go on any longer. To be honest I haven’t said anything about it because the first couple of bottles seemed to have something off about them. It had a sharp taste that certainly didn’t go with the rest of the beer. It seemed like the beer   had been contaminated somewhere along the line, and some nasty bacteria provided its own flavoring before it died from alcohol poisoning. It wasn’t entirely undrinkable, but I couldn’t really get over that off-putting flavor. A few weeks have passed and I brought some bottles over to my parents for Easter last week. There was no sign of any off flavor at all. It was saved. I had another one a few days later and it was just as tasty. That’s the great thing about bottle conditioning, in that the beer usually improves with age (up to a point).


It mostly smells like coffee with some sweeter chocolaty notes.


It is very dark brown to black. It has an off white or light caramel head, with good head retention.


It is pretty sweet towards chocolate malt, with lots of smooth coffee flavor. It is less bitter than what you would usually expect from a stout. It has the sweatness hit you up front with the small amount of bitter on the back. The lack of bitterness was my brother’s main complain.


It has a heavy mouthfeel, but very smooth with a ligther amount of carbonation.

Overall Impression

It is a little sweater than you would expect from a stout, but this probably has to do with the addition of coffee cold extraction coffee. It would go great with a brownie or something fruitier like a Raspberry Tart.


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