Dark Lord Day

In the beginning there were monks.* These monks brewed beer for the greater glory of God. Then people brought their love of beer to America. They wanted to brew beer, so they did. But they turned away from their holy calling and started dedicating their brews to the dark lord. The culmination of their efforts is Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout. An unholy brew made by those dedicated to him. It is available on only on Dark Lord Day, and you must go to the headquarters of the group itself to get it: Three Floyd’s Brewery.

I am trying to find brave souls to join me on a quest to Munster, Indiana on April the 28th to search out and acquire the elusive Dark Lord Beer. What is reported to be one of the greatest beers in the world. More information about tickets to the event should be forthcoming in the upcoming weeks.

*Actually the Church is a relative late comer to the world of brewing. Before that it was generally the woman of the household or Alewive’s job to brew the beer. Selling extra beer was also a good way for a widower to make money at a time when there were few prospects for unmarried women


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