Wisconsin Homebrew Laws

After prohibition of alcohol ended in 1933, they forgot to legalize homebrewing. Maybe “forgot” isn’t the correct word because there are all sorts of wrong with the regulations that allow somebody to brew and sell beer, but that’s another post. In 1979, Jimmy Carter signed a law that made making wine and beer in your home legal. Although federally it is legal, it is largely up to the states to regulate alcohol, and various states have different restrictions

I bet she threw the best party after the repeal.

The state of Wisconsin “forgot” to make it legal to transport home made beer and wine outside the home. Without this provision how are homebrewers to enter their beer into competitions? How are they to bring it to homebrew meetings? Most importantly how are they going to bring it over to a buddys house to watch the Packers lose to the Bears (it could happen)?

It didn’t really stop anybody since apparently nobody had even heard of that part of the law. It doesn’t even seem to be on the American Homebrewers Associations list of state homebrew laws. Nevertheless, it looks like the government of Wisconsin is actually headed in the right direction. A bill that passed the Wisconsin State Senate on Valentines Day would make transporting homemade beer and wine legal.

There is still strangely enough two states that don’t allow homebrewing, and several others where it is ambiguous (as is the way of governments). Maybe one day these states will stop fearing us terrible homebrewers.


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